Universo Au Pair

Become an “Au-Pair” or an host family, simply!


Au-Pair stays are considered to be projects of cultural exchange. They offer the opportunity of improving your language skills and developing a new culture making contact with families and young students from all over the world. Stays vary from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 12 months, extendable to a total of 24 months.

In European Union, Au-Pair stays are regulated by Strasbourg agreement, adopted by the Council of Europe on November 24, 1969, and endorsed in Italy with the Italian Law n. 304 on May 18, 1973.



An Au-Pair must be aged from 18 to 28 years old, have a strong sense of responsibility, with babysitting experience and basic knowledge of the language of the country where she/he intends to stays.
Au-Pair stays means the opportunity to live abroad by the host family, with the possibility of studying and participating in the cultural activity of the place.
The role of the Au-Pair is mainly to care for children and help with light housework.
In exchange she will receive accommodation and weekly pocket money depending on the work formula chosen.


Hosting an Au-Pair girl native speaker reveals an interesting opportunity of a cultural exchange , in addition valuable help with the care of your children and light housework.

The host family offers in exchange, accomodation and weekly pocket money.

It is fundamental that the host family treats the Au-Pair as a member of their own family. This includes participation in family activities, in addition, looking after the Au-Pair’s health and safety during the whole stay.


Tutor is mother toungh person who is able to teach his/her matter of study.

He/She is good to help children and adults in their language improvements.
Tutor lives with the family, but he/she also has free time.
Tutor is not an housewife, but he/she partecipates in every family activity.

Monthly fee is 460 euro (30 hours/weekly).

Work formula


3 hours work a day, 2/3 evenings babysitting a week, 1 whole day off a week.


4 hours work a day, 2 evenings babysitting a week, 1 whole day off a week.


5 hours work a day, 2/3 evenings babysitting a week, 1 whole day off, 2 free afternoons and 2 free evenings a week.


(mother’s help): 35-40 hours work a week, 2/3 evenings babysitting. The whole weekend free.