Universo Au Pair

Become an “Au-Pair” or an host family, simply!


Au Pair stays are considered a cultural exchange project.

Besides offering the opportunity to improve one’s own language skills, one can learn about a new culture since the au pair stays are beneficial for one’s own personal growth.

For the aspiring au pair candidates, the au pair programme involves a period of stay established in Italy or abroad (from 2 to 24 months), with the host families which undergo rigorous selection and agree to provide board and lodging, plus weekly pocket money, in exchange for working with the family as an Au-Pair, a Nanny, a child care-giver, a child birth support person, (Doula), or as a Tutor.

Furthermore, language courses are offered at qualified schools.

All the information regarding the documentation necessary for an Au-Pair stay, and the costs related to participation in the programme, can be requested by e-mail or by telephoning the UNIVERSO AU-PAIR Agency.

To ensure quality services concerning au pair placement matters, it is recommended to enroll in the Programme at least 3 months before the planned departure for au pairs or reception by the families.



The candidate must be aged between 18 and 28, with a High school diploma. Must have Childcare experience as well as a basic knowledge of the language of the host country.


The candidate must have many years of experience in childcare and home management in relation to family life.


Must be specialized in the care of newborns and in the education of children up to 6 years.


Must be a professional figure for psychological, emotional and practical support to the mother, in the pre-birth or post-partum phase. Must assist throughout the first year of the child’s life.


Must be a native speaker prepared in the teaching of their subject. Must have the ability to follow both children and adults on the language learning path, as well as actively participating in family life.


They are obbligated to offer food, lodging and a weekly Pocket money. They have the duty to consider the au pair, as a member of the family, to safeguard his/her health and safety.